The end of getting

We humans use words to communicate. Words reveal how we think. We seem to constantly forget that words are just labels, which only suggest they point to something “real”.

Take “success” or “happiness” or “acknowledgement”, things which most people want to attain, but can you actually “get” them?

Language is very useful when you want to ask someone to buy apples at the grocery store, but just like any tool, it has severe limitations.

Ultimately words point to nothing “attainable” at all. When you deeply look into this, you will see how our use of language actually creates and maintains all kinds of illusions.

At the basis of our language is the first person perspective, the “I” who is going to “get” certain “things”.

Billions of people speak from this perspective every day, every hour or every minute.

What will they attain and when?

The reason we never feel fullfilled, is that this seeking is based on a dream, on an illusion.

Seeking feels exciting, but only arises from the assumption of separation. Ultimately it is painful.

The end of this dream could be called awakening.

Awakening is never attained by anyone, because it is the very seeing itself that there is nothing to attain, no “me” who has anything or is going to get anything.

Which could be called complete freedom.

No seeking or effort can bring about awakening, because awakening is the end of all your effort and seeking.

All personal or spiritual or religious effort to get something or get somewhere, falling away.

What remains is the happening of Life!

Paradoxically then, everything that we humans long for is recognized as already present.

Shining as everything, as everyone, as all.

As the tiny ant crawling over a leaf or as the majestic play of sky in shapes of blue and white.

As the nagging toothache or the pleasant taste of tea

As the song of the blackbird or the noise of heavy traffic.

As everything and nothing.

No need to get this.

Simply be.

As Love.



  1. We can obtain some lose some, obtain a lot, lose a lot. Life plays this game will all of us, where you’ll get gifts of all kinds, but that same life will rip you from what you like the most, or even from those you love a lot. Embracing the cycle of lost/gain, high/lows/joy/sorrow is what real happyness is. Once you can take this cycle, you’ll feel a better sense of happyness. Couple of celebrities do get 90% of what they ever dreamed and hoped for, but the suicidal rate among the stars is much higher per person per year compare to the mainstream average people. One of the worst way to be happy would be to feed my body and needs with everything it wants. Humankind was never framed, nor designed to have everything it wants. The way mother nature framed us, is that the moment you’ll get all you ask for, the universe will insert that toxic emptyness in your mind. You’re doomed to wonder what is the world is going on, once again.

    So, when you can be able to embrace that hundred of stuffs wont ever be answered and met, the magic occurs.

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