Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Vision

In the course of the 21st century more and more people will realize that our beliefs and the duality, division and conflict we experience are self-created realities. We will find out that freedom and happiness have nothing to do with attachment to beliefs or concepts. To realize you are not your thoughts or beliefs, is the beginning of awakening… It is a quantum leap in the (psychological) evolution of mankind.

Idealism or Realism?

So is this Idealism? We agree, at this point in time it certainly looks like it. Yet, this Vision depicts something which is a true potential in the evolution of mankind. Beliefs may stay, but we need not take them so seriously. We all know what happens when humans take their beliefs VERY seriously.  Beliefs are always based on the assumption of “duality”; there is “you and me”, “friend and foe”, “my religion”, “my country” and so on. Beliefs exist however nowhere but in your mind, they are not “real”!

Let’s not underestimate the capability of humans to learn. Evolution of mankind is still ongoing. We have only been around for some 200 thousand years. Our planet is 4500 million years old. The last estimations are that the universe is 13.8 billion years old. How will mankind have evolved in 100 years or 500 years from now?


    • We are still a young species and have much to learn. We will continue to grow and learn. We no longer believe what the stone age people believed, we no longer believe what the ancient Mayas, Egyptians, Greeks or Romans believed. We no longer believe that Sun revolves around the Earth, and so on. We dropped those beliefs…
    • We pose that it will be a profound step in human evolution to grow beyond the need of being identified with beliefs and belief-systems, including the belief in a “self” which is separate from and opposed to “others”.
    • Step-by-step more and more “individuals” will discover this and find that we can live in the boundless Wholeness and Mystery of existence, in peace…



INVITATION: You are invited to explore this together with us and with all visitors of this website. We welcome your input, your feedback and comments on the articles of the BLOG! No Log-in needed.

“The purpose of the Awareness-Now website is to support your awakening and the discovery of the freedom beyond all the limitations and beliefs you took so seriously…

Ethical matters & Disclaimers

We wish to insult no one, we do not seek opposition. We do not want to create more duality, division and conflict. Very much the contrary! Therefore we will not focus too much on the content of belief systems. 

  • The purpose of the Awareness-Now website is to support awakening to what “happens” when you stop clinging to your beliefs

We love to hear your comments and experiences regarding growing in Awareness. Please do note that if people would find it necessary to post very negative, very defensive or very offensive comments, we will remove them because we believe this website is not the place for that and it is not conducive to the vision we present.

WARNING: If you are strongly identified with a particular belief, this website may not be suitable for you or may be offensive to you, in which case we recommend you to leave.