Beliefs & Reality

A man once said: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away!”. (Philip K. Dick) The truth is that whatever you think or believe, reality will stay as it is. You may believe as hard as you can that the earth is flat, but your beliefs won’t change reality. You may believe that a “personal” God exists or does not exist, but it will not change reality… So in fact you can relax, nothing that you believe, will change reality.

So why create all these beliefs? We hold on to beliefs such as in our nationality, our religion, all the images we have of ourselves and others, in order to feel safe.

In order to feel safe, we are willing to manipulate, reject and even kill. If my belief system doesn’t match yours, then to me you are a stranger or perhaps even the enemy. Your existence may threaten the very basis of my life, which is based on my beliefs, my world view, my assumptions. This article poses that ultimately mankinds real “challenge” is actually not located anywhere outside of us (like climate crisis, famine or war) but lies within, in our beliefs systems! When you deeply feel into beliefs, you will see that in most cases, fear is what drives them…

The real challenge is to come to the point where you see through your own beliefs and how the false sense of security they provide, is a dream. It takes courage to face this.

Is it possible to wake up from this dream? To wake up from this dream means facing the nature of thought. However clever, complex and useful thinking is, it is still limited. Whatever we think or hope or believe regarding life, death, the universe and so on; reality does not care. It is what it is.

What would happen when you would no longer live life through the filter of your beliefs?

Could it be that when you would no longer take your beliefs seriously, you actually start to wake up to reality/life as it is? An always fresh discovery of all the infinite forms in which life expresses itself in every moment?

This seems like a wild proposition, but really it is not. It is simply the statement that we have the potential to move beyond all the old beliefs, all the old stories which we keep repeating.

To make it more personal; YOU have that very potential. Or better: you ARE that very potential. Can you see it?


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