Chronic thinking, why?

Let’s do an experiment. This experiment is totally REAL and all about YOU! All you need to do is find a quiet place and just sit there. Then say to yourself: I am in control of what I think and believe and therefore I will completely quieten my mind for three minutes.

Just let go of any urge to think anything. Simply be present and see what happens…

<three minutes go by>

Basically all people will find that in spite of their serious intention to not-think, thoughts and beliefs will just keep popping up spontaneously all the time.

What does that mean? Amazing but true; it shows you are not in control! Thoughts will just appear. You can’t even predict them. Did you realize that you can be aware of your thoughts? Apparently YOU are witnessing these thoughts and thus YOU are not equal to them. Basic logic; a camera can take a picture of a tree but the camera is not equal to the tree.

To make a long story short, when we are honest you have to admit that thoughts just appear, that we can witness them and that we are not equal to them. That is somehow totally contrary to what we usually tacitly assume or believe.  We act and react in all kinds of ways which suggest that we take our beliefs, thoughts and feelings completely seriously and are 100% identified with them.

Unless you choose ignore this, all of the above actually has a profound impact on our assumption of what we think we are. What are you, when you are not your thoughts, feelings and beliefs? Consider this. Your awareness of it may help to shape the future of humanity and help humanity to let go of the old mechanism of attachments to beliefs. It is this attachment which leads to duality, division, conflicts and even war. This section here may provide you with some more inspiration…

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  1. What makes the thoughts feel like they are mine though? Your exercise at the beginning proved to me I have no control of my thoughts!
    But, when I sit down to write this. I feel I can now WILL my thoughts to you. Like the thoughts are now under my control again.
    Is this the feeling of attachment? Or is attachment simply the feeling of anger I get when someone contradicts my views? Because, I can drop that! Since you can’t blame anyone for believing in their own thoughts!

  2. All things are, here and now but it is our perception which filters our experience into the one which we are having. So instead of controlling thought you change your awareness of thought, which ones you accept and nourish and which ones you discard. It is like the clouds in the sky, you do not control the could but you can control which cloud you look to, or not give them any mind at all. Thoughts are the same way but most of us have a habit of giving thoughts attention and this is why it is difficult to “not think”.

  3. I’ve found that if I keep my attention on my thoughts and the thinking mind, the thoughts stop and my mind clears. In that way, I can stop my thoughts thus controlling them. It’s difficult to maintain that attention but as long as I do, I have no thoughts. That seems to be one of the main objectives in meditation. I can stop my thoughts almost at will. All I have to do is direct my attention to them and they disappear. They seem to run amok when I don’t pay attention to them or I listen to them or engage with them or identify with them. If I just focus on just the thoughts or thinking and not what they are about, they stop. At least that is how it is for me anyway.

  4. It seems to me that we are simultaneously aware of many things. I am hungry; I have a sprained wrist; there is a storm outside; I need to pick up the children from school; the boss expects me to stay working late; my partner expects me to give them a lift; the car has a suspicious rattle; my political party wants me to canvas for them; I need to prepare a talk for a meeting, etc. etc.
    All these ‘demands’ can be seen as demands from separate egos that wish to survive. So picking up the children from school is a demand from the family ego, the bosses demands are demands from the company’s ego, doing the canvassing is a demand from the political party’s ego etc. etc. Even the rattle in the car can be thought of as a demand from the cars ego…the cars needs to survive.
    All these different awarenesses form what we call our consciousness.
    It could be that the I, what we normally call our ego, the voice in our heads, results from the fact that we have to make decisions about which ego to feed. This is often very difficult. Do we stay late at work to please our company’s ego or do we pick up our partner and children and secure our family relationships, but perhaps displease the boss. In our day to day lives, we are obliged to make endless decisions based on our awarenesses. We are chronically thinking in order to make decisions in order to survive as individuals and also to support our families, groups and societies to which we belong. No wonder it is so difficult to stop thinking.
    And so the beauty of non-duality, the awareness that everything is one. At last, for maybe just a few minutes of meditation, we realise that we do not have to constantly make decisions between competing egos. We can relax knowing that we are part of the one Universal ego.

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    I’ve had some problems building the list along the way.
    I’ll talk more about that at a later date.

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