Without awareness and compassion, we are lost…

Let’s face it. When we humans are no longer aware of the effects of our actions on others, but we are driven by what we believe is “truth”, or are driven by fear or anger, the results can be shockingly horrible.

To act but have NO awareness of the effects one’s actions have on other people or the environment, can lead to great destruction and misery. Unfortunately, we all have this potential inside ourselves. So often we believe we know what is right, we think we know the “truth” and we feel justified. Or else, we give in to fear and anger and the outcome is no different. Most people know what happened in nazi Germany, Stalins Russia, and so on, but unfortunately the same mechanisms are still at work.

Amar Hussein was a Iraqi boy of 17 when he joined ISIS. He was captured in October 2016. He claimed he slaughtered 500 people and raped more than 200 Yazidi women because it was considered “normal” behaviour. He says he has few regrets…


This is a very extreme example, but we have to face it. When we are NOT Aware, and do NOT feel Compassion, this is what people are capable of doing, worst case. Whatever their personal beliefs may be, including religious beliefs.

That is why Awareness and Compassion matter so much. They are not dependent on beliefs. We pose that Awareness and Compassion transcend beliefs. Beliefs, opinions or dogmas can never capture Awareness and Compassion. We can only experience them and then act from that experience. It would make a huge difference in the world, when more people would grow in Awareness and Compassion. (independent of any beliefs they may have)


@YOU: Do you agree that Awareness and Compassion transcend beliefs? 


  1. Very true. Selfish self-serving behavior based on beliefs lacks compassion. Awareness allows you to see not only the problem but the solution and the solution begins with compassion.

  2. I am not exactly sure why you are capitalising things. Awareness is broadly speaking related to beliefs as the things you become aware of you form beliefs around. Compassion is a feeling or an act and you will have beliefs about compassion. So no, they don’t transcend beliefs they are their own thing mostly.

    • You don’t need to form beliefs around what you are aware of. Just become more aware of what you have become aware of. Beliefs will just block further awareness. Why do you have to have beliefs about compassion? Do you have to have beliefs about love as well? Do you have to have beliefs to have compassion or love? Does the desire to understand and reduce suffering require beliefs?


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