Awareness & Reality

There is a saying which states: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But couldn’t we just as well say that “all of reality” is in the eye of the beholder? Or is there an objective reality which we can experience as being apart from ourselves? Isn’t observation always an act that we can only subjectively experience in our consciousness?

So, what can we say about reality? Let’s start with some basic observations of how we experience or observe reality.

  • Every person (being) experiences reality only through the senses and their consciousness.
  • This means that both the chair we sit on is real (to our consciousness) and the thoughts in our brain are real. (to our consciousness)
  • So in conventional terms: both material things and immaterials things are “real” to our consciousness. We both experience them as “objects”.

Some people would not attribute a (physical) reality to thoughts or feelings as they are immaterial, and can’t be directly observed by any apparatus. (note that when we measure brain activity, we are measuring physiological correlates, not thought itself). These phenomena are then called “qualia”. They are still real, but not quantifiable. 

  • At Awareness-Now! we pose that whatever we think about reality, we only know reality through (our) consciousness. There is no other way to know reality. This seems so obvious, but is often overlooked.

So when we can experience or observe reality only through (our) consciousness, then how “objective” are our observations and experiences? Is there really ONE single OBJECTIVE reality?

We suggest: even if there is, we can probably never experience it. Since we can only observe and experience reality through (our) human consciousness, we may assume that our perception of reality is limited, and many “things” exist beyond our human perception. Why after all conclude that all there is, is what we humans can think and perceive of.

The reality of a blind bat for instance, relying on sound to navigate, will probably be experienced very differently from our version of reality. Which version is the more accurate one?

The point we want to make: once you realize that your experience of reality is always defined by, or limited by your state of awareness, a very interesting question arises. Can you GROW in awareness and grow beyond these limitations? Or put differently: can you let go of the judgements and beliefs you “impose” on reality? When you do that, you do not vanish. You are still here, but something changes. Some would say: you are more aware and sensitive now.


@YOU: have you ever experienced that your awareness at times was deeper or broader, and you had a deeper compassion or understanding about reality?


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