Hello people, Awareness-Now has begun!

Welcome to the Awareness-Now website. We are happy to have you here.

This website was started in November 2016 as a response to developments in the world of yet more division, nationalism, religious fundamentalism, violence and distrust between various nations, religous and political groups.

If we (mankind) want to move beyond that, we need to first be AWARE of how this comes about and how it relates to our belief systems and human psychology.

Fact is that the world is becoming more and more global and mankind will become more and more like one big “community” as opposed to being defined by separate nations, borders and opposing belief systems. This is a difficult, but apparently necessary process. Mankind can’t go back to the middle-ages… Well, in fact we could, but we surely don’t want that, right? We’ve been there, done that. Let’s keep moving on…

This website does not intend to be political, it does not promote any religion or any particular belief-system. Rather it questions THE VERY PRINCIPLE of our belief-systems. We pose that mankind can actually evolve beyond them. Anyway, if you want to call that a belief system too, we’re fine with that. 🙂

We suggest that Awareness is not only key for “personal growth” but also for the future of mankind. In that greater Awareness we can find peace, clarity, compassion and love, whereas before we may have experienced mostly division and conflict based on our inherited beliefs, opinions and judgemental thinking.


@YOU: In the coming weeks and months we will publish new articles on these subjects and we very much look forward to your feedback and contributions in the comments!

PS: also be sure to take a look at the Remarkable Quotes section, where we post Insights from a broad spectrum of people who have communicated remarkable Insights about the Reality of our existence. You may also want to take a look at the BLOG for recent posts.


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