Truth is a tricky word

Every day we use language to express our thoughts and feelings. Saying something, implies meaning. For example, when someone says “today is a warm day”, you and I interpret it as a description of the weather. When someone would say “there is a lot of warmness today”, we may still interpret the same way. But what and where is “warmness”? Can we seek and find “warmness” anywhere? Does it exist?

The word “truth” is a noun. When speaking about “The Truth” people seem to speak from great authority and seem to carry over a lot of meaning. They imply we can seek it and find it somewhere (as a kind of object) and then ‘know’ it. Often the suggestion is that there is ONE Truth, implying other things are non-truth. Often it is implied we should “believe their truth”, and not believe others.

Isn’t all of this is a very tricky side effect of language? Most people would agree that “warmness” does not actually exist. Many people still believe however that “The Truth” exists somewhere, and they have the best belief system describing it.

What if “The Truth” does not exist at all, what are we left with? Well,…EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is still there! We can be aware of the mystery of Life, we can be compassionate towards ‘others’, we can take care of our environment, our Planet. We can grow in Awareness and Compassion. If you want to call that “truth”, fine. But perhaps we do not need to use that word anymore?


@YOU: What do you think?


  1. I agree. Not only do we not need the word, but the concept should be dropped. The only “truth” their is, is personal. Their is no universal “truth.” There is no “truth” outside yourself. “Truth” is just a self-righteous tactic of the ego to maintain control. Mankind’s belief in the concept of “truth” and of being “right” or “correct” is destroying this planet and mankind himself. For more on this:

  2. I agree that this vocabulary of truth (and especially Truth with a capital T!!) is highly likely to be misleading, and to get confused with propositional truth. It reminds me of old-fashioned books that used to talk about Ultimate Reality, capital U, capital R.

  3. Anything humans create in their minds “including religions” is made up so using the word truth is comical.


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