Why do we create beliefs?

People all over the world have beliefs, which if they stay around long enough, may turn into belief systems. Religion for instance, is a human activity. So is politics, and so is the idea of belonging to a nation. Why do we do this?

Let’s turn the question around: what would you say, when someone would ask: “Can you live without beliefs?”. You could consider that question seriously and perhaps you might realize that living without beliefs, has consequences, like:

  • You don’t belong to any specific religion anymore
  • You have no nationality anymore
  • You have no political opinions anymore
  • You have no morality or dogma which describes what’s good or bad
  • You have no opinions about yourself or others anymore
  • Etc.

To some, this may feel empty, barren, unattractive and even scary.  So what’s scary about it? What kind of security is lacking? Allright, how would it be when someone would rephrase the lines above somewhat, and suggest that when you are no longer identified with beliefs, you experience something like this:

  • You see all the religions of the world are based on human efforts to understand the mystery of Life
  • Where ever you are on our beautiful planet, is your home
  • The well being of all people is what drives you
  • You know what is right to do, by being Aware and compassionate
  • You sense we are all self aware beings and judgements are not necessary

Isn’t that beautiful? Do you think something like this, is possible for you? Or is it scary and unattractive?



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