The end of Duality

One of the core activities of the human mind is labeling of and distinguishing between “things”. Thought creates the apparent duality or difference between “here” and “there”, “this object” and “that object”, “mine” and “yours”.

It does the same with experience.

Imagine “tasting an apple”. Most people presume that because there is the experience of tasting an apple, there must also be an “experiencer”. And simply said; that is how the idea of “me” is created. The separate “self”. Thought tends to constantly project the presumption of duality onto whatever if reflects upon.

The big question here is; does reality actually exist like this, or is it only how we perceive things? Notice for instance how when you meet someone, your mind tends to create the sense of “me” and the “other”. Notice how this implies separation. Once you start to see the dualistic nature of thought, you’ll see it everywhere.

Most religions are duality based as well. Many they state that reality should be called “creation” and therefore there must be a “creator”. Once we believe this we start looking for that creator. Could it be that this idea is just that, an idea only? It seems our whole world consists of infinite series of separate parts and opposites. This could be called the “drama” of our interpretation of existence, which creates suffering. There is “Me” and then there is “everything / everyone else”.

So what about “non-duality” then?

Well to begin with; it is not a philosophy, nor is it a belief or a theory. It could perhaps be described as a word which attempts to point to the limitations of our way of thinking about Existence. It actually implies that duality doesn’t exist, except in your mind! It could be said that it implies that only boundless Wholeness exists and there is no ultimate need for “thought” to put labels, distinctions or limitations onto that. Thought is said to act like a veil which filters reality down into the illusion of “ten-thousand-things”. (Tao Te Ching)

The non-dual nature of Existence doesn’t require any thinking or figuring out. Paradoxically it is actually already present in and as “your experience” right now. This is magnificently obvious when all the thinking, worrying and seeking come to rest and the veil starts to fade away.

It is the end of perceiving and experiencing Life as duality, as separate. It is the end of duality and the beginning of recognizing everything/everyone as sacred.

In a way it is like coming home and realizing you’ve never left home..

Welcome home!


  1. I think what you say is true, but I think theres more to it than that. You said that it is the experience of tasting an apple that creates the idea of a self. But if so, what created the idea of an apple? Which came first, the creator or the created? I think the key is in the fact that this creator must exist outside of time or space. Meaning that they both co-exist at the same time. There is a creator, there isnt a creator, and there is the becoming of a creator (life as we know it), and there is not the coming of a creator. Buddha did put all these things in order. He described the experience of existence. I was blown away by it, but it’s all a bit much for me.

    There are some seriously complicated questions in there. The fact that you are asking these questions puts you up there already. If you havent already, I would look up that Buddhist description. If you have already, I would meditate on it.

  2. Duality exist to any being othee than source creator itself. Many 5th dimensional beings and up also experience oneness at the same time. Reality is an illusion. Everything is one thing pretending, dreaming everything else. This is my understanding.

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