Can we drop the GOD beliefs?

Religious beliefs systems are still very much dominating our world…

According to current data (2018) almost 6 of the 7.2 billion people adhere to one or another religion, where each religion offers alternative and often colliding world-views or beliefs. Wikipedia has a list here:  List of religious populations.

At Awareness-Now we pose that as long as we take these beliefs very seriously, the “world of man” will create very serious divisions, conflict and violence. Now the mechanism of a religious beliefs system is no different from any other (tribal, political or other) belief system, except is covered by an extra layer of presumed or perceived “holiness” and “heaviness” which makes it very difficult to raise questions or be critical.

Orthodox or fundamentalistic believers often believe that they have a unique relationship to “God” or the “spiritual dimension of life” and they believe that their world-view is the only “true” one, or worse, they feel called by “God” to go and convert the whole world to their beliefs. Typically such people can become very angry or even violent when their beliefs are questioned or challenged.

The question however is whether it is possible that mankind eventually drops all attachments to all the various versions of “god belief”?

What would happen? The classical assumption seems to be that people can’t live a constructive and peaceful (law abiding) life, unless they are religious and therefore when religious beliefs systems would be dropped there would be complete chaos. But is that still true in the 21st century or else in 100 or 200 years from now? We are evolving, aren’t we?

I pose that ultimately we have to grow up and have the courage to drop all attachment to our beliefs system, and face reality without clinging to any dogmas or belief. This is our future, even when it might take a 1000 years. In fact it is happening now. Increasing numbers of people are waking up to this, isn’t it?

Let’s discuss this and let us know, how you think (your) life would look like when you would stop taking your own thoughts and beliefs so seriously.


  1. I don’t think this ‘aware’ person is very aware.Or at least what he says is incomplete. When people become conscious and fully aware anything can happen, including a connection with nourishing ‘traditional’ beliefs. Fundamentalism is only a small part of the spiritual spectrum and not especially relevant or important.What matters is a whole universe of spirituality, encompassing the whole realm of consciousness and revealed in all the world religions. Andrew Harvey is prophet and spokesperson for this. Without this openness and understanding glowing like a beacon through thousands of years of human history, we would be so impoverished, we’d all be dead.So, yes, let’s be aware now!


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