Does tomorrow exist?

We are convinced somehow that there is a “me” who has a past and who is moving towards a future. Somehow we never question this. To question this is considered to be silly and weird as there really is a “me” and there really is something called “time”. Period.

All “me’s” hope that tomorrow will be better. We hope to GET something special in the future. That could be success, fame, money, enlightenment, happiness, more respect, a new friendship or whatever. But, does tomorrow exist anywhere else but in our mind?

What if there is only All-Of-This (the whole boundless universe actually) and it is always NOW only? One could also say: “everything happens in timelessness”.

It is not hard to see that psychological time is imagined. We just don’t seem to really accept it! Our mind constantly thinks about the past or about the future. The “this, now”  seems to be so plain normal, so boring or unacceptable that the “me” cares little for it. Typically we overlook it, almost constantly.

But what when you realize that “tomorrow” is never ever anything more than a thought or a concept in your mind? What if you truly deeply feel and accept that all there IS, all of Existence, is NOW?

Anything that ever happens, is always happening now, isn’t it? So if nothing ever happens or exists except NOW, then what?

Somehow the “me” can’t live there, it can’t accept it. The “me” can only exist if there is time, if the past matters and when there is a future that will bring something new, or better or more satisfying. Right?

But what if all that exists, is always now only? Stay with that simple question and see how it transforms “you”!! The mystery of existence can become apparent through such questioning.

Q: what happens for “you”, if you stay with this question? Let us know.

PS: yes, it is understood that time is a practical tool or concept when planning on catching a train, being on time for appointments, etc. But that’s truly not the point here.


  1. Time is a man-made concept, just like the color green for example. It’s how we percieve things, so we put names on the things we have a sense for. Humans are also very social beings, so we like to talk about our experiences. the perception of time is essential for our survival, we have to plan for the future what we’re going to eat for lunch for example and we have to think of the past to learn from our mistakes…. I’m not sure if that’s what you mean but that’s how I see it. Also, time is relative so measuring it makes sense in some way.

  2. Humans make a lot of assumptions on what reality is based on a woefully limited understanding of our own place in it. For all I know, nothing exists outside my own mind. Time is a man-made construct, which could potentially mean everything that ever happened, is happening or will ever happen is already happening now, all at once. Maybe everything that can exist already does.

    Time is nothing more than a tool mankind uses in an attempt to understand its place in the flow of the universe. Past, present and future are easily grasped on an all-inclusive scale. Of course, this is problematic because it causes us to place undue importance on time. It’s been proven that cultures who do not have words or concepts for “past” and “future” live happier, more enriched lives and it’s not hard to see why. Placing such import on something ultimately meaningless makes people more or less slaves to an imaginary entity.

    This is all assuming we know this to be true. The fact is, no matter how likely it looks or seems, the closest we can come to having an answer is our theories, our perceptions, our feelings, our hypotheses, etc. etc. etc. The mystery of existence could be all but solved for me, but if that’s not a satisfying answer for you, what difference does it make? I could have it all figured out and be one hundred percent correct, but what definitive proof is there to be had, at least in our current form of existence?

    That’s where we are.

  3. Life is short, and it’s only getting shorter. Time is a strange concept. We can never get more of it.


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