The search for “Meaning”

Plato already observed a few hundred years B.C. that man is a being in search of meaning. The word suggests that meaning is a “something” which we can find somewhere, somewhen. Typically we don’t want our life to feel meaningless, so we derive meaning from all kinds of things; our achievements, our job, the objects or money we possess, etc.

Somehow we interpret meaning as something that we can find, implying it is NOT here and now but located somewhere in the future. And so we search for it and keep searching…

From the common duality based perpective we actually never find it though, as the only “meaning” life ever has, any happiness you or I ever find, is only actually experienced right now, isn’t it? Could it be “That” which we are seeking for is always already present, right here and now?

Sam Harris, a well known and truly eloquent neuroscientist, has described this in his own way in this beautiful video fragment. (see the link below)

How do you feel about this? Can we live without searching for “meaning”?


  1. I agree that he {Sam Harris} is well known. As to the meaning of life, I think the Bible expressed it best when it says everything boils down to loving God and each other.

  2. Why not just take religion out of the equation all together? I experience love all the time, no need to tie to any religious binding.

  3. Well, seeing as how humanity is made up of humans, and some humans have realized the meaning in the now, then I would say it is possible. If each individual can take authority of themselves, let go of fear, and face themselves, then they can realize the meaning here and now. Perhaps if we could figure out the common societal and psychological issues that keep people from these things, we could create specific solutions which people could inact to free themselves and realize true meaning.


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