Why Awareness is so attractive!

Before any thought or feeling arises, we already exist. Yet feelings, thoughts distract us continuously, as we identify with them. You are bothered by them. Basically much of our life is like that. We think this is our natural state. But is it?

Since most of mankind lives like this, we don’t question it. But please do! Ask yourself: where do these thoughts and feeling appear? In your mind. OK, ARE you your thoughts and feelings, or do they appear to you? Since they appear to you, you obviously are NOT them. You are witnessing them. In fact you can’t even predict what you will think in 5 minutes from now. Can you? It just happens.

That brings up the existential question: “who am I“?

Some people we may call mystics or awakened people, have discovered and realized that they are Awareness only and they say: YOU are Awareness only! You are not your thoughts or feelings. As long as you identify with them, you limit Awareness. You put a “filter” between what you really are, and Reality. You believe you are a separate self. You are bothered by thoughts, feelings and what happens. You move from one event (positive or negative) to the next, and time passes.

Sometimes though, there is a moment, like a gap in your thoughts and feelings. Awareness is now crystal clear, no thoughts or feelings appear. You suddenly feel very sensitive, the world appears so bright and fresh. A sense of awe and wonder comes over you, you feel inexplicable Happiness. An energy tingles your spine. Time loses its meaning.

You now experience Awareness only…it somehow brightens you. It is the potential that is always present. It has never ever not been there. Reality is limitless.

This IS the miracle of Existence…

@YOU: Do you recognize this?



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