We are all “Me”

We are self aware beings. You and I are aware that we exist, we feel that we exist. This feeling of being is known not only by us humans, but probably by most living beings and ‘higher animals’.

So you could say “OK, what’s new? I know the other is a person”, but having knowledge about something is not the same as being aware. How deeply are we aware that at the core, we all have this sense of “being me”.

We usually think the other is a different and separate person, but how true is that? We have a belief that there are “others” and that they differ from us, can disagree with us, hurt us, be a threat. Or that others can be our friend, can make us happy, and so on. We think about others in positive and negative terms.

But what if the whole idea of “others” is false, and just a belief based on the assumption of duality and separateness. What if there is only One being, One field of consciousness, one experience of being, expressing itself in trillions different forms and shapes, including in us, humans.

How would we treat each other when we would realize, that at our core we are all “Me” or better said, an “Awareness of being”, which we happen to call “Me”. What if there is no separate self… According to many mystics, this is how it really is.

What is your experience of this?



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